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I'm not an expert on motherhood, far from it, but what I do know is our shared experience can help us get through even the toughest times. Being a human is hard, being a mom puts you in a different stratosphere. We're all doing the best we can, one day at a time. I'm a mom, an entrepreneur, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend. I've built companies, worked with some of the most respected business professionals on the planet, produced rock shows, toured the world, travelled the globe, and now I'm raising a family. Life is wild. And it's awesome.

I wanted to travel the world and work in the music industry, so toured with bands on the road,  managing rock tours for most of my 20's. It was an incredible experience and I wouldn't take a minute back, but I knew I wanted to be a coach, so I pivoted away from the music industry, got off the road and started coaching.

In 2015 I was certified by the Coaches Training Institute as a Professional Co-Active Coach. Since then I've helped hundreds of people up-level their lives through coaching.
In 2019 I became a mama and went through a very intense postpartum experience which made me use every tool and coaching strategy I had in me.

In the first year of my son's life I experienced acute postpartum physical trauma, hormonal rollercoasters, multiple visits to Children's Hospital, and the world ending with COVID. It was the most intense chapter of my life, and it lead me to realize there just aren't enough resources out there for moms. Mothers are warriors, and we need specialized, targeted support. 

When I became a mom, I had plenty of  You Tube's on how to care for my child, what I needed were resources to help me through the emotional rollercoaster I was experiencing trying to navigate motherhood. I didn't know how to navigate all the new feelings. I felt guilty that in addition to the amazing feelings and the happy times, I  was also grappling with feelings of sacrifice, and a new type of compromise. I felt ashamed to talk about the "hard parts of motherhood". I'd never experienced the need for this new form of patience. And I was confused about the amount of anger and resentment that would come out of "nowhere". I needed to talk to someone about the loss of identity and the new identity of "Mom". There were so many things to talk about! How we feel about sex and our partners! Our vaginas! Where was that website?!

Well here it is. Conscious Mama is about being conscious and aware of who we are and what we need during this chapter of our lives as mothers.


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