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We're here to explore and empower motherhood through the postpartum lens. We want to acknowledge and honor the changes that occur and create support around it, to normalize it, because all mothers go through it, but we rarely acknowledge it. 

Conscious Mama was created to help moms learn about ourselves through this transition; making peace with the former versions of ourselves, and who we want to step into as we become the next versions of ourselves. 

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Hey Mama, 

Motherhood is beautiful, and one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. And while it's amazing, it is also a journey of constantly letting go and accepting a new normal. We can lose ourselves in the journey, as it is a web of lessons and compromises that at times can leave us feeling lost and depleted. 

Just like the life transitions of puberty and menopause, we'd like to introduce the idea that all women after childbirth experience postpartum: "post" meaning "after", "partum" meaning "childbirth". The chapter of life after childbirth where you as a woman change: physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

 You're a mom, which means you're in some stage of postpartum.

Let's get you some tools to help navigate and empower this new you.


  • Conscious Mama offers tools for empowered motherhood: resources, workshops, community circles and coaching for mothers.

  • Our Conscious Mama coaching packages, workshops and community circles create the foundation we need during this critical time in our lives.

  • Conscious Mama was created as a safe space for moms to come together and get real, get help, help one another, and talk to each other. 

You may be struggling with this new identity having just become a mom, or perhaps you are a few years in with a toddler or a 10-year-old and you're still wondering "when am I going to feel like me again?"We can help you learn how to better navigate it; and if you're looking for support, you're in the right place. 


  • You're "fine": "I'm fine. Everything is FINE!"

  • You're anxious and scattered in ways you never thought  you'd be

  • You’ve been in survival mode for long now? Wasn't that suppose to just be a phase???

  • You’re not sure who you are anymore: "When am I going to get back to "me" again?

  • You feel like you're &%$#ing crazy sometimes

  • Is this chemical? "I can't imagine taking an antidepressant, I'll just do more yoga"

  • You feel like you've lost that “spark” you once had: "I'm boring, now I'" 

  • You sometimes resent your partner: "I just need a little help here!"

  • You “should” be happy: "Nothing is "wrong" per say but.. I'm just...not...happy either"

  • You don’t really want to have sex anymore: "It just feels like so much work"

  • Shouldn't you be through postpartum by now?: "Postpartum is for a few weeks after birth right? I'm long past that now, so this can't be that.

  • And I was never deeply depressed so...I didn't experience postpartum, right? I can't possibly be in postpartum now, can I?"

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What does

Conscious Mama mean?

Con-scious: aware and responding to one's surroundings; awake.

Motherhood can feel like a blur. We rush from one task to the next, whirling through the day, multi-tasking, never pausing to reflect or take stock. Years can go by like this and all of a sudden we wake up and we wonder where the time's gone, how did we get here, who are we?


To be a conscious human is to have a greater awareness of ourselves and the world around us. To surrender, to understand, to be present, to listen.

In this context, to be a conscious mama is to listen to ourselves, to take the time to understand how we're feeling, what we need, in order to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.


Cory’s work has transformed my relationship with myself.

When we first met I was struggling with physical fatigue which was triggering my autoimmune issues.  Fast forward 3 years later and my health is the best it’s ever been.  Cory is so insightful and encouraging and I leave every meeting with gems I take into action into my daily life.  I’m grateful for her wisdom and her continued support

Angela O'Brien 

Founder, Cleobella + mom of a 6 and 10 year old

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In the simplest terms, therapy digs into your past to find out why you are the way you are; coaching focuses on the future and where you are going.

In ways of working: a therapist is typically more of a sounding board, where a coach is more hands on, exploring the issues with you, and offering solutions.

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In this 90-minute session we work on one issue you're dealing with. We deep dive and get you to a new understanding, clarity and next steps.

For Example:

  • I want a successful career but I can't because...

  • I want more money and ease in my life but it's just not happening because...​

  • I know I'm ready to take the next step but I don't know what's holding me back

Investment: $199


  • 3-month program that includes 6 private coaching sessions which take place every other week.

  • Sessions are strategically balanced and curated into digestible sessions to work with your busy schedule.

  • Each session is custom tailored to your specific needs and packed with tools and insights to help you navigate your life.

  • Text and email support

Investment: $1500
can be paid in installments

"Best thing I could have done for myself"

"This needs to be available to all moms! The things I learned about myself are invaluable".

Betsy (mom of a 4 year old)


My Game Changer session with Cory was exactly what I needed to bring me clarity, and help me realize what I needed to do to take action on my new career path. Cory helped me realize what has been holding me back to date, and I left the session with a sense of clear direction, and excitement. Coaches need coaches too!

Thank you Cory.

Andrea MacNeil

Health + Fitness Coach, Fit On Tour. Vancouver

I feel the need to mention that I cried like 3 times while I was journaling. Mommas helping mommas learn how to love being mommas. My hormones cannot handle it. I'm so SO SO thankful for Conscious Mama."

Kari Tarr

Nomadic Mama of a 3 year old + founder of Kari-On Baggage

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 3.58.31 PM.png


I’m a coach and producer. I’ve toured with bands like Bon Jovi and Fleetwood Mac, built festivals like Coachella and summits for brands like goop, but nothing could have prepared me for the biggest production of my life: motherhood….

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